Our Beautiful Planet is in trouble!

Q: What can you do to help?

 A: Make Small Daily Changes. Encourage Others to Make Small Daily Changes. Encourage Others to Encourage Others to Make Small Daily Changes! And START TODAY!

I think some of the concepts linked to saving the planet are very well “heard” but not always well understood! So, just quickly, let’s start by looking at some of them!

Climate Change: This is a change in global or regional temperatures and weather patterns. While some of these changes may occur naturally, human activities are considered to be the main drivers in this change.

Greenhouse Effect: When fossil fuels are burnt, they release gasses that form a layer around the earth. This layer then traps heat and results in rising temperatures.

Carbon Footprint: This is an estimate measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide and methane emissions that a person, event, organization, place or product contributes.

Single use Plastic (SUP): This is all plastic products that can only be used once, for a short time before then being thrown away.

Here are 8 Things you can do today!

1.  Do a Personal “SUP Review” and Replace!

Now that you know what Single Use Plastics are, keep track of how many and which SUP you make use of in a day and find alternatives! Make these part of your day, by keeping them with you in a specific bag in your work/school/handbag. (it really doesn’t help if they are in a drawer at home, and sometimes you need them when you didn’t plan to!) While we know it can be costly to replace them all, have a plan and slowly add to your list of sustainable reusable products.  Here are some ideas:

Bottled water – BPA-Free reusable water bottles

Plastic Straws – Biodegradable Straws (https://bonniebio.co.za/) , metal or paper straws

Plastic Eating Utensils – bamboo or stainless steel utensils.

2. Choose the Local Shop

Food that does not need to travel long distances are better! Less travel time means that there are less travel emissions, less preservatives, and often less packaging needed – making it a much better choice!

3.  Drive Carefully and have a Plan

Use less Fuel! You can do this by decreasing the distances you drive, driving as “fuel-efficiently” as possible and looking after your car! Try to:

  • Drive with someone when possible
  • Plan your driving routes and chore lists ahead of time to avoid unnecessary trips
  • Avoid speeding and harsh acceleration as both increase fuel usage
  • Check your cars tyre pressure, filters and keep up with services to keep your car as fuel efficient as possible

(You can decrease you Fuel budget then too! laughing )

4. Assess your Home

Try to make your home as energy efficient as possible. Home Insulation, energy-efficient lightbulbs, conscientious geyser and large appliance usage all add up to decrease not only your electricity account but your Carbon Footprint too!

5. Plant some Plants!

Spending time with plants is not only very relaxing it’s also very healthy! Plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere and release O2. So increasing the amount of tree’s and plants there are, the cleaner the air and the healthier the atmosphere!


4. Braai Some Veg!

Livestock and their by products account for 51% of all the worldwide greenhouse and gas emissions. Swopping meaty meals for meat-free options at least once a week makes a massive difference!


7. Switch to Eco-Beauty.

The cosmetics and beauty industry are also large contributors to not only single use plastics but to gas emissions. Swop “Big Industry” products with local Eco-conscious brands. Have a look at the amazing ranges of:

Hey Gorgeous 



8. Ditch the Disposables!

This is where we come in! We have washable underwear ranges that replace disposables! Better for you, better for your budget and better for the environment! We have underwear for Bladder and Period Leaks!

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