Interested in our Adira Period Panties, but need more info? Here it is!

1. How do Adira Period Panties work?

  • The panties are lightly absorbent with a waterproof layer to prevent leaks, stains as well as stress and embarrasment!
  • Menstrual fluid is not made up of only blood. Endometrial lining, mucus, vaginal fluid and blood clots don’t absorb into the material very well, which is why we recommend using the underwear with regular menstrual products.

2. What is the difference between the Hipster and the Boxer Styles?

The Boxer Style has an area where you can attach a pad. This prevents it from shifting around. They are also recommended for heavier flow days as the cut of the panties offers extra protection by preventing side leaks.

3. What are the panties made from?

Adira Period Panties are 100% cotton. The waterproof layer is a specially treated to prevent leaks and stains. Cotton underwear keep you feeling fresh, cool and comfortable! 

4. How to choose the correct size, and what if you order and they don’t fit??

  • Our sizes are based on hip and waist measurements in cm’s
  • Use our size guide, and if you arent sure- let us know and we’ll help! Send us an email.
  • If you receive your order and the sizing isnt correct we will happiliy arrange the collection of your current order and send you replacement panties- no cost to you! Read our returns policy for details.

Do you have a question we haven’t answered? Let us know! Send us an email, We are here to help!



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