How does the built-in panty liner work?
The patented 3-layer Hydrex TM system provides total protection by containing the urine and preventing it from penetrating through the garment. As part of the Hydrex system TM, the Unique-Dri TM system traps liquid

The liner wicks and absorbs moisture away from the body and locks it in. For your comfort, the pad has a cotton top layer. To prevent leakage, the bottom of the pad is lined with waterproof polyurethane.

How does the Wearever® pad absorb odor?
Silver-ion Anti-microbial fibers are woven into the liner and reduce odor causing bacteria.
How long will the odor absorption last?
The odor absorption lasts for the life of the garment, approximately 200 washes
How much liquid does the liner absorb?

The underwear has been specifically designed for stress incontinence and absorbs small amounts of urine per leak. Our Light-moderate incontinence range holds 120-180ml of liquid, our moderate-heavy range holds 240-300ml of liquid, and our maximum range holds 650ml of liquid.

How much coverage does the pad provide?
The coverage differs depending on the style of the garment. For the women’s garments: The S100 has the smallest pad, which is similar to a panty liner. The regular absorbency pads are roughly the size of a disposable pad. The super pads are larger, going not quite halfway up the front and back panels. The maximums are the largest, going halfway up the front and back panels. For the men’s garments: The pad extends up past the fly on the front side of all styles to ensure proper coverage. The back coverage of the classic is minimal. The back coverage of the super and maximum extends about halfway up the back side of the garment.
Does the men’s underwear have functioning flies?
Yes, all of our men’s styles have a functioning fly. Since the pad extends higher than the fly, it is necessary to push the pad aside when using the fly.
How do you wash the underwear?
Machine wash warm. Tumble dry Medium. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener, as it will reduce the effectiveness of the pad’s absorbency, as well as the anti-microbial and odor inhibiting elements.
How long will Wearever® underwear last?
Wearever® underwear will last just as long as any non-absorbent panty! Depending on how you wash them, they could last up to 250 washes!
Are the cotton underwear 100% cotton?
The majority of the cotton underwear is a 50% cotton 50% polyester blend. The blend prevents the underwear from shrinking too much.
How does the liner feel?
The liner feels soft and flexible.
Is Wearever® underwear bulky and visible through my clothing?
Absolutely not! As it is regular underwear with a pad sewn in, it looks and feels like regular underwear. For those using the super and maximum styles, it will feel similar to wearing a disposable pad, but they are not so bulky as to show through clothing.
Is the body of the underwear leak proof?
No, only the pad itself is. Once the pad is full, any additional liquid will leak over it and through the fabric in front of or behind the pad. Because of this, we recommend you change the underwear when the pad is full.
Can I use Wearever® for bowel incontinence?
Unfortunately, the Wearever® products are intended only for bladder incontinence.
Can I use Wearever® at night?
While we do have many customers that use our products at night, it really depends on your level of incontinence and how you sleep. Since none of our underwear is padded all the way up the back, someone who sleeps on their back could easily experience a leak over the back of the pad. For these cases we recommend one of our Wearever® Bed Pads to keep your bedding dry.
What is your return/exchange policy?

With our FIRST PAIR GUARANTEE, we will exchange or refund your first opened pair (as well as any unopend pairs) within 7 days of delivery!

Through our online shop we do everything we can to ensure that your selection of size and absorption level are correct and our incontinence consultants are available on our contact page to discuss your selection with you if you have any questions.

We do commit to 100% customer satisfaction and we ask you to please speak to us if your experience with our products, on the first try, or on repeat purchase, is anything less than fantastic.

Where packaging has not been opened we will accept items for full refund if returned within 60 days of purchase. Returns must be accompanied by original invoice, or a note with the order number and date of purchase. Refunds will be made in the original form of payment. Return shipping and original shipping costs are not refundable. Keeping proof of return shipment, such as tracking information or shipment receipt, is highly recommended.

How do I return/exchange my product?
Please connect with one of our incontinence consultants via the contact us page to arrange for the return of unopened garments.
How much do you charge for delivery?

We offer FREE Delivery for all orders over R1000.
For orders below R1000 we charge a R99 delivery fee.

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