Say hello to our new leak-free Bikini — a swim staple with discreet added leak-proof protection. Made with the same reliable built-in tech used across our period underwear range, so you can feel confident that you’ll stay leak-free. Our new water-resistant outer material that stops water getting inside, keeping you fresh and dry all day long, whether you’re going for a dip or simply laying poolside.

Our FLUX SWIM Bikini Bottom

Full coverage across the bum and stomach keeps you feeling covered whilst our built-in tech makes sure you’re protected all day long. Great for a moderate flow — absorbs the same amount as approximately three tampons worth.

Our leak-free swimwear is made from clever fabric that stops water from getting inside, keeping our built-in absorbent tech separate from the water and ready to absorb life’s leaks.

Wow!…water bottles look good on you!

Our new Swim range uses recycled nylon, made from waste like water bottles and fishing nets. 5% of all profits from our Swim collection will go to The Ocean Cleanup, who work to clear plastic from our rivers and oceans.

They Absorb all your worries!

Leakfree Swim Bikini absorbs a moderate flow, locking in blood or incontinence leaks, keeping you dry for up to 8 hours.

Perfect for a quick dip, a long swim, or simply relaxing poolside.

They tried them and LOVED THEM!!

  • “Finally I found swimming panties that you can wear safely in water while on your period. I’m so happy about them that I want to buy another pair. Fantastic – it really works!!”
  • “I bought the bikini bottoms to support my daughter who was worried she might start her period on holiday.  She didnt end up needing hers, but I did need mine! Usually I would just not go in the pool and not bother about it!  But as it was nearly 40 degrees, even though I was nervous to try them, I was struggling in the heat, so thought I’d give them a go! I did panic a little initially but after the first time I realised I could trust them and it was a great freedom so thank-you. I wore them under my bikini but they were perfect to wear as they were, they just look like black bikini bottoms!”
  • “These are soooo good. I took a trip to the sea the other day and they held up perfectly, I was a little nervous at first but I had literally no problems!”


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