Incontinence Advice

Incontinence has a bad habit of spoiling all the fun! Current reseearch tell us that 1 in 3 ladies, and 1 in 10 men will experience some form of incontinence in their lifetimes. That is a lot of people too scared to laugh for fear of a leak! We have put together a few tips that may help change that!

It is not always possible to cure incontinence completely, there are a few things that can help to successfully manage it! Simple lifestyle changes can have huge benefits, but remember not everything affects everyone the same way! We recommend keeping a “bladder diary”. This way you can start to see what has an effect on you.  You can download our bladder diary by clicking here below.

3 Things you can try today to Improve your Incontinence Symptoms:

  1. Manage how much fluid you drink (read below!)
  2. Avoid Tea, coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks
  3. Avoid spicy and tomato based foods
Bladder Irritants

Here are the details of why these help!

Why fluid volume matters:

Drinking too much can overload your bladder, making bladder control more difficult. Having a very full bladder can also mean that should there be a leak, the chances of it being of high volume are higher. This then limits which absorbent products will be suitable. 


In an attempt to decrease leaks, some people may try limiting the amount that they drink. This can have the opposite effect as it can make incontinence worse! Limiting your fluid intake results in urine that is more concentrated with waste products. These waste products are irritating to the bladder which makes bladder control more difficult (read below!). 

You can tell if urine is concentrated, as it will have a darker color and a stronger smell. 

What are other bladder “irritants”?

Bladder Irritants

A bladder irritant is any substance, food, drink, or medication that causes the bladder to be irritated. This Irritation can cause frequency (needing to urinate more often than normal), urgency (the sense of needing to urinate), bladder spasms, and even bladder pain. 

As we have already mentioned, we are all individuals and different things affect us in different ways. If you are struggling with bladder control we recommend monitoring you fluid intake and avoiding all known bladder irritants. Using a bladder diary (you can download ours by clicking HERE) notice the change in your bladder control. After a few days slowly add some of the items on the list (starting with the ones you miss the most!), and record it on the dairy. After a few days you should start to notice trends. Use these trends to make lifestyle adjustments to help manage bladder leaks!

If you are looking for a great alternative to disposable absorbent products for incontinence- we have a range of washable absorbent underwear that have been specifically designed for bladder leaks! They look and feel like regular underwear, but have built in protection. They are washbale 200 times- so are better for you, better for your wallet and better for the environment!

We have made it our mission to provide excellent underwear that take care of life’s leaks, prevent all embarrassment, and help you live life to the fullest!



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