Washable Incontience Underwear

If you or someone you care about suffers from bladder leaks, you may have needed to research absorbent products. They are usually present in most management plans. Disposable products are well known and readily avaiable, but washable incontinence products are gaining popularity! Here’s why!

1. What are washable incontinence underwear?

Wearever Incontinence Underwear

Well, they are pretty much exactly that!

  • They are underwear that are washable and re-usable and have a built in absorbent pad!
  • The Wearever underwear range that we stock is washable 200 times.
  • It is available in a men’s and ladies range with different styles and absorbencies depending on your needs.

The range is designed for bladder leaks, but is not suitable for full bladder or bowel incontinence.

If you leak when you cough or sneeze, leak on your way to the bathroom, or after you have been – THESE ARE FOR YOU!

2. What are the advantages of Washable products?

Cost Saving: While the intial cost may seen to be much more expensive that diposable options, they work out much cheaper! Using washable underwear works out to less than R2 per use! The underwear can be added in with the rest of the laundry (read below for more info!), so doesnt need to cost extra to launder!

When considering the cost of the underwear, it’s important to remember that they are not just regular underwear – they have patented technology, anti-microbial treatments and absorbption fabrics that make them what they are!

They are more comfortable: The underwear look and feel like regular underwear, and the pad is built it! This makes them comfortable and convenient!

They smell better– The Wearever underwear range is treated with an anti-microbial solution that prevents odor and protects the skin from bacteria.

They are easy to wash: With our underwear range, we recommend that they be soaked after use and then added in with the regular laundry! They are machine washable with regular washing soaps and powders. We recommen avoiding fabric softners and bleach.

They are more Eco-Friendly: The amount of disposable waste in the world is reaching critical levels. Switching to washable products eliminates this waste, and if they are washed with other laundry do not add to any waste associated with laundry.

3. What are the disadvantages of disposable products?

They are not suitable for full bladder or bowel incontinence. The underwear are designed for bladder leaks but can not absorb full ladder volume. Disposable products have gel that can quicker accomodate large volumes, this gel is however not re-useable.

– They can leak if used when lying down. The absorbent area is in the gusset area of the underwear which means they work best when you are standing up.

They do eventually wear out. Like with all clothing, they do eventually wear out. Our range has been thoroughly tested and has been found to last 200 washes! 

Changing underwear when out requires a little planning. We recommend using a “wet bag” to keep an extra pair of underwear, that can then be used to store the used pair after you change. Smartunderwear Wet Bags are available from our online store.


4. Are they available in South Africa?

YES!! Washable underwear might not be as readily available as disposables but they are gaining popularity! Our underwear range is available from our online store, and we deliver to anywhere in South Africa! Easy and fast, right to your door!

Choosing the correct size is easy, just use our size guide! If you aren’t sure which underwear, or size- or cant comfortable shopping online contact us (CLICK HERE), we are here to help!

Join the thousands of people who have switched to washable incontinence underwear and are now more confident,  more comfortable, and best of all Leak-free! 



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