Are you looking for a better alternative to disposable products?


Finally, a Solution for People with Bladder Leaks
That Won’t Sacrifice Style or Sustainability


Stay comfortable, confident, and eco-conscious with our washable absorbent underwear.

Bladder incontinence is NOT FUN, we get it!

We understand that living with bladder leaks is not easy, and you may be feeling….


    • Anxious about the possibility of a leak when you are out
    • Embarrassed if you do have a leak
    • Concerned about the environmental impact disposable products are having on our precious environement
    • Frustrated with the limited options available when it comes to absorbent products
    • Unhappy about how much money is being “thrown away” with disposable products.

Imagine a new incontinence product that….


    • Protects you from leaks and gives you all your confidence back
    • Offers you discreet protection, so no-one knows
    • Is washable so massively reduces the amount of plastic waste
    • Looks and feel like regular underwear making them very comfortable to wear


Ready to switch from disposable incontinence products

…The Wearever Incontinence Underwear Range!

Welcome to the new way to manage bladder incontinence! This underwear is truely life changing! The Wearever Incontinence Underwear range has been specifically designed for Bladder leaks helping you….

  • Save money and reduce waste as underwear that can be washed up to 200 times, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for bladder leaks.
  • Feel Confident and protected with patented technology that quickly absorbs and locks in urine, so you can go about your day worry-free
  • Enjoy long-lasting freshness and comfort as the underwear have been treated with an anti-microbial solution that keeps odor and skin irritation away
  • Be so comfortable you forget about leaks with absorbent underwear that looks and feels like your favorite pair of regular underwear.


How to they Work?

The Wearever Underwear range looks and feels like regular underwear but has a built-in Pad to absorb bladder leaks. This pad has patented technology to keep you dry, fresh and leak-free.

The Underwear has a built in pad that is made up of 3 specialised layers:

    • The top layer against your skin wicks and absorbs moisture away from the body and locks it in.
    • The middle layer is made up of absorbent, Antimicrobial treated fiber fill.
    • The bottom layer is a waterproof lining that prevents leakage .

Our maximum absorbency styles can absorb 50ml per leak and can hold 10-12 leaks (so total capacity is 500-600ml), but they can not absorb full bladder volume in one go. 

*Please note: the underwear is not suitable for full bladder or bowel incontinence, and we dont recommend using them when lying down.

Here is what our customers are saying about our their new underwear:

Get your confidence back with our underwear today!

Using washable absorbent products could save you thousands of rands per year, decrease the burden on the enviroment and give you the confidence to do what you want to do! 

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We, as Smartunderwear are on a mission to help people overcome the anxiety and embarrasment that bladder leaks cause, by offering a great absorbent product that is better for you, your budget and the environment!

Do you have a question? Here are the answers to our FAQ’s:

Q: Do you have an Exchange/ Return Policy?
A:  Yes! We have a First Pair Guarentee, so we will happily accept one opened and all opened items for refund or exchange. All you need to is let us know and we arrange everything (at our cost!)
Q. How do I know what size to order?
A: Our underwear is available in a range of sizes, and sizing is based on hip (ladies) and waist (men) circumference measured in cm’s. Please refer to our sizing chart or contact us and we will advise you!
Q. How do I care for the underwear?
A: We recommedn soaking the underwear after use, and then adding them to your regular laundry. You can use regular washing detergent but please avoid using bleach and fabric softeners. To dry- hang outside or tumble dry on low heat.
Q. Do they take a long time to dry?
A: Drying time depends on many factors, but due to the fact that they can absorb so much liquid they can take some time to dry.
Q. How many should I buy?
A. Most of our customers buy 2-4 items to allow time for laundry and have spare!
Q. Do I need to wear an extra pad?
A. If they amount of urine that you leak at a time is more than the 50ml that the underwear is able to absorb you can add a disposable pad for extra protection.

Q. What if I cant shop Online?

A: Thats no problem! We are here to help! Please contact us at and we will assist you in placing your order.

    Do you have another question? Contact us at – we are here to help!



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