My dilemma – and a possible solution that is cheap and effective!

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While I loved being pregnant and finally becoming a mother, my urine incontinence started taking a toll. Even though the disposable sanitary pads I wore almost on a permanent basis were providing some degree of protection, they only worked when I wore suitable clothing, and I needed to be close enough to a restroom to change the pad regularly. I couldn’t attend exercise classes or yoga to shed the baby weight and became incredibly self-conscious. Sanitary pads bulged in my underwear, and I simply could not be seen in gym gear. I took to exercising at home, which wasn’t very effective. I felt isolated, desperate and sad – all because of my stress incontinence.

Two months after giving birth I bumped into Marcelle. She was my best friend at university but we had lost contact when we graduated. She looked fabulous, confident and happy as usual in a figure-hugging dress, and I was surprised to find that she had also recently had a baby. During our catch-up, the conversation steered towards pregnancy and childbirth, and she confessed that she also suffered from stress incontinence! I couldn’t believe it! Finally someone related to my problem!

I asked Marcelle how she managed her uncomfortable problem, and she told me her secret. She wore Wearever® Incontinence underwear! It fit her snugly, was super absorbent and safe, and, best of all, it was washable! She suggested I try it and I ordered my first pair of Wearever® Incontinence underwear the same day. I’ve never looked back! Wearever® Incontinence underwear is made with patented technology that includes a 3 layer system and a discreet built-in dry pad to ensure maximum protection. Our underwear is fully washable and can be laundered up to 250 times! Our products ensure a snug fit and comfort, and our underwear is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than disposable products. Check out our super product line on for more information!


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