My life is back to normal, and I live with stress incontinence

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The pregnancy and birth of my daughter left me with stress incontinence, which I found really hard to deal with. After suffering from incontinence for a long and time and wearing disposable pads, it was strange to wear ‘normal’ underwear again after I ordered my first pair of Wearever® Incontinence underwear.

The panties fit snugly and comfortably and offered more than enough protection from leaks. My life practically returned back to normal again! I started going out to social events, to restaurants, and back to the gym again. I wasn’t even anxious or embarrassed to wear tight clothing or attend yoga classes because I was secure in the knowledge that my new underwear will always provide the protection I needed.

Since I have gained control over my stress incontinence with the help of Wearever® Incontinence underwear, my self-confidence has soared and I’m delighted with the sense of normality it brought back to my life! While living with incontinence is never comfortable, my new underwear has made it a lot easier, and I know to live a high-quality life even though I still live with stress incontinence. I’m so grateful that I discovered this fantastic product!

Wearever® Incontinence underwear now provides you with the ultimate in comfort and protection. Our range of men and women’s underwear is extremely attractive and created with specialised fabrics that are easy to wear and highly washable. Our discreet absorption pads include anti-microbial fibres that guard against any odours, and we offer varying degrees of protection against leaks. For more info, visit our website on or give our team a call!



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