The Wearever Festive Season

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‘Tis (…almost..) the season to be Jolly! But all the planned parties, family get-togethers, and other social invitations can be very intimidating when dealing with Stress Incontinence. We have put together a list of a few things that will give you the confidence to RSVP “yes!” to them all!

Tip 1: Plan your perfect outfit.

Choose darker colours when picking your party look. Dark colours will hide a little leak better than light colours, and will give you extra confidence to accept that invitation to dance! If you prefer a little colour, pick a colourful top or accessories to liven up the darker shades!

Tip 2: Be Careful of what and how much you drink

Caffeine and alcohol are both bladder irritants and diuretics (a substance causing an increase in urine production). Limiting both will assist your bladder and help you avoid leaks! If missing out on your glass of wine, or cup of coffee is too much for you, save them for the end of the party!

According to the Mayo Clinic, regulating your fluid levels can go a long way in managing incontinence. Drinking too much too quickly increases urine production and puts strain on the bladder. Drinking too little fluid creates a very concentrated urine, which in turn, irritates the bladder.

Tip 3: Try to avoid trigger foods

Certain foods have been proved to be “bladder triggers”. These foods cause the bladder to be oversensitive which can make leaks worse. Foods on this list include acidic fruits (and their juices), spicy foods, tomato based foods, caffeine and chocolate. Not everyone will have the same response to the same food, so test them when you can! Don’t forget that some food, for example fruit or soup, have a high fluid content!

Tip 4: Use the restroom regularly

Regular visits to the bathroom will ensure that your bladder isn’t too full. Ladies, our bathrooms are notorious for having long queues outside, so going regularly will avoid that urgent dash to the bathroom only to be met by a long wait!

Tip 5: Get to know your body!

Not every body is the same! Knowing how your body responds to certain foods, drinks and situations will make it that much easier for you to make the right choices! Keeping a “leak diary” where you can record leaks as well as what you ate/drank will make it easier to see certain patterns!

Many people have found smart lifestyle choices to be an important part in the management of stress incontinence.

Accept the invitations, be part of the party games, and laugh as much as you can!



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