It is the most wonderful time of year!  Bladder leaks can put a “dampener” (wink) on things! The planned parties, traveling and family get-together  can be very intimidating when you are worrying about incontinence. We have put together a list of a few things that will give you the confidence to do them all. It just takes a little bit of planning!

1. Have a clear travel plan.

  • If you are traveling by road- know your route! Know how long the trip will be, where the stops are and which stops have clean bathrooms! Make sure to add any extra stops if there arent enough! Use the bathroom at each stop.
  • If you are traveling by air, try to prebook an aisle seat near the bathrooms. Make sure to use the bathroom at the last possible minute before boarding the plane.
  • Keep a clean change of clothes and absorbent products with you. (This is especially important with air travel if your bags get lost!)
  • Know where the bathrooms are – dont wait to ask until when you need to use them!

2. Be aware of what you eat and drink

– Some food and drink are known to be bladder irritants (spicey foods, alcohol, caffeine, acidic foods) and can make bladder control more different. Be aware of which affect you and avoid them when you are traveling or planning an outing.

– Drinking too much can overload your bladder, but drinking too little can result in a more concentrated urine, which can irritate your bladder. Try to drink water in smaller amounts but more regularly.

2. Pack Smart.

  • Darker clothes will not not show a leak as clearly.
  • A sarong is a great help if you need to tie it around your waist if you feel a leak, and looks fashionable! 
  • Make sure you have a good supply of your chosen incontinence products. If you use our washable incontinence underwear make sure you have extra in case you arent able to do regular laundry.
  • Have a “travel bag” that has your extra supplies and a change of clothes, and remember to pack a waterproof bag (or plastic bag) for wet items that you kee with you.


4. Apply the 80:20 rule while on holiday.

Try to stick to your regular diet, exercise and daily routine at least 80% of the time. This will help to make sure you have a stress-free and happy holiday season!

5. Have the best absorbent products.

Stress and anxiety about embarrassing leaks are not good for you, and tend to ruin all the fun! Make sure that you have products that you have tried before and that you know works for you. There a few options available but our personal favourite (Obviously!) are washable absorbent underwear! They look and feel like regular underwear, but give you the protection and confidence you need!

Our incontinence underwear range is avaiable from


We hope these tips help to ensure that the festive season is leak-free and indeed merry and bright!



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