What are Period Pants?

They are clever underwear that absorb your period. No Leaks, No Stains, No disposables!

FLUX undies are reusable, washable underwear is designed to completely replace disposable pads and tampons, giving you protection when you need it most.

FLUX leak-proof period underwear to keep you protected from any leak life might throw at you. From periods, to bladder leaks, to pregnancy – our period pants replace disposables and absorb up to 4 tampons’ worth of liquid, keeping you covered when you need it most!

How do they work?

The secret is the built-in tech.

Every pair of FLUX undies is made using built-in triple layer tech that keeps you fresh, dry and protected, through even the heaviest of flows.

1. Moisture wicking: The top layer of our period underwear wicks moisture away quickly, keeping you dry

2. Odour controlling: The construction of our materials prevents bacteria from building up, keeping away those unwanted smells

3. Super absorbent: This clever layer is made to absorb and hold up to five tampons’ worth of blood

4. Leak-proof: This final, breathable and waterproof fabric prevents leaks and stains, guaranteeing complete leak protection and security throughout the day

How to Wash and Care for your FLUX undies

It is SOOOO easy! Rinse, Wash, Dry! 

Flux Washing Instructions

How much can FLUX Undies Absorb?

FLUX Undies Essential Hipster has a  unique built-in panel  that can absorb up to 4 tampons’ worth of blood. This means you won’t have to carry around spare sanitary pads or other menstrual products in your pocket or bag all day!

Which size to buy and what if it doesn’t fit??

Use our size guide to get ensure the right fit! If you are unsure and need advise contact us, we are here to help!

If they aren’t a perfect fit, let us know! We have a “First Pair Guarentee” Policy so will happily exchange one opened and all unopened items for exchange (at our cost!).

Flux Period Undies Sizing Guide

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions…

How long do FLUX period panties last? 

One pair of our undies is designed to last for around 3 years, with the proper care we’ve already said about.This handy info is based on using a pair of period underwear once during each cycle for three years ‒ that’s also over 200 pads or tampons you’ll be stopping from going to a landfill!

Is it hygienic to wear them all day?

Yes! Our period pants contain unique antimicrobial properties which naturally occur due to the construction of the fibres, and there are no added toxins or chemicals!  This means you can stay feeling fresh, dry, and fabulous with our day pairs for up to 8 hours!

Do period pants completely replace other period products?

They certainly can. Our underwear are designed to absorb up to 4 tampons’ worth of menstrual blood, so they work just as well as any pad or tampon. They’re also perfect for wearing alone, so you can say goodbye to other menstrual products from here on out!

Will they smell or feel wet?

Nope! And how does it work, exactly? It works because the antimicrobial properties prevent bacteria building up to stop any smells, and our materials wick away moisture quickly, keeping you dry!

How will I know when my period proof underwear is getting full?

A good way to tell if your period pants are full or getting full is looking at the side seam and seeing if there’s blood. Of course, over time you’ll start to get a sense of how long you can wear our undies. When you buy and start trying out your first pairs of period underwear, we’d always recommend taking an extra pair with you and changing early if you’re not sure how long you can wear them for. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable until you’ve had some practice!




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