Let us start with what is NOT sustainable!

The average person will use 11,000 disposable period products during their lifetime, and the average disposable pad can contain as much as 90% plastic (not to mention the chemicals involved!). Globally, 45 billion period products are thrown away every year, contributing to 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste. This is a huge problem!

Single-use period products like pads and tampons cost the environment and your pocket! It’s estimated that the average person will spend over R50 000 in their lifetime, using disposable period products.

Why are FLUX Period Pants Sustainable?

Reusable products are key in helping to reduce our menstrual waste. They are comfy, easy to wash, and our reusable period pants can reduce your waste by up to 99.5%. A supply of four or five pairs of period pants is sufficient for the average cycle and will last for a minimum of three years – yes, minimum!… Now that is sustainable!

 How are FLUX undies manufactured?

FLUX undies are made from super soft fabric that is manufactured from the beech tree. This is a renewable crop and considered carbon neutral when taken from a responsibly managed source. It is biodegradable, meaning at the end of its life, the fabric can return to the earth!

The fibres used to make FLUX undies are sourced from an Austrian based company Lenzing who manufacture TENCEL™ modal. The fibres are manufactured in an award-winning circular closed-loop process, meaning that chemicals used in processing are captured and reused. 

The use of resources and energy is reduced to a minimum,  and there is a huge focus placed on environmental protection and resource preservation.

But do they really work??

Yes! Infact they work like *magic*! The secret’s in FLUX’s built-in tech.

Every pair of our undies are made using built-in triple layer tech that keeps you fresh, dry and protected, through even the heaviest of flows.

  1. Moisture wicking: The top layer of our period underwear wicks moisture away quickly, keeping you dry
  2. Odour controlling: The construction of our materials prevents bacteria from building up, keeping away those unwanted smells
  3. Super absorbent: This clever layer is made to absorb and hold up to five tampons’ worth of blood
  4. Leak-proof: This final, breathable and waterproof fabric prevents leaks and stains, guaranteeing complete leak protection and security throughout the day


Ready to make the Switch to a Sustainable Period?

We hope so!

If you’re ready to take the first step and switch to reusable products, why not start with something simple and easy like our reusable period pants? Simply wear, wash, reuse. Try to use eco-friendly detergents that are kind to your body, the planet, and aren’t tested on animals. You can also use cool washes to keep water to a minimum and reduce your carbon footprint even further! Our undies need to be hung to dry, not tumble dried, and this reduces your energy usage even further. We could go on and on about the benefits of switching to reusable products!! 



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